Mês: fevereiro 2017

Corporate Wear You Can Buy

Based on the corporate wear trend forecast for India this season, here are items you should buy, wear and flaunt: For Him Short-collared shirts Formal shirts with short collars for […]

Fashion with animal prints

Animal print has always garnered attention and has been in fashion for a long time. It displays sophistication, style and versatility. Noticeably, this trend does not seem to fade and […]

A new platform for fashion industry

New Media is a catch term of the 21st Century. Very broadly, new media is something related to the internet and the interplay among technology, images, and sound. It is […]

Future of Fashion

Fashion is a means to express one’s ideas, culture and values, interests and personality. Fashion has been evolving since the 19th century when Charles Fredrick Worth had labels sewn into […]

Germany: The year in retrospect

Both a plethora of problems and a number of new developments made the fashion headlines in 2015. The exhibition landscape changed significantly, and retail continues to be challenged by the […]

Essential strategy for the fashion industry

The topic of sustainability has assumed global dimensions and now carries political implications. From institutions of higher education to the United Nations, the consensus is that the earth is at […]

Sustainable fashion: Welcome revolution

Sustainable fashion can best be brought in by creating sustainably designed products which increase the longevity of a garment. There are many reasons behind the formation of the sustainable fashion […]

Handicraft & handloom: Crafting a strategy

Every state, and within it every little village, in India has its own creative interpretation of its indigenous resources-leading to the creation of a piece of craft that is technically […]

Fashion Education: On its own course

Sometime in the late-1990s, just months after Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai won two major International beauty pageants, a fashion consciousness started taking shape. For the uninitiated as also for […]

Renting Luxury: Indulge. Don’t Splurge

It’s not taboo anymore to turn up at a high profile luxury event in clothes that are rented and not owned. Instead, it’s considered practical and economical considering the sartorial […]